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  • What is dual-fuel? A Duel Fuel system utilizes a heat pump outdoor condensing unit, in conjunction with a natural gas or liquid petroleum furnace, and an indoor evaporator coil.


  • How does dual-fuel work? Basically the dual fuel heating system operates as a heat pump until outdoor weather conditions (normally below 30 degrees F) are such that the heat pump needs help to maintain the indoor temperature setting. The Dual Fuel system provides gas heat during this time rather than electric strip heat. The heat pump shuts down when the gas heat is operational. Specialty controls are added to maximize efficiency and fuel consumption between the outdoor heat pump and indoor furnace.


  • Advantages
    • Gas heat is more efficient than electric radiant auxiliary heat and less costly to operate.
    • Heat pumps operate in conjunction with auxiliary heat where dual fuel systems operate the heat pump and gas heat independently of one another.
    • Dual fuel systems offer the option of only operating in the gas heat mode if the user so desires, such as during extended periods of below freezing weather conditions.
    • The option of operating the system as a heat pump or gas heat is optional with consideration to utility rate fluctuations.


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